In 1980, Rochelle Martinazzi and her sister Loyce planted 4 acres of Christmas Trees on Rochelle's land. 5 years later, they began to harvest and sell the trees. The two sisters made homemade wreaths, swags and centerpieces.


Over the years, Rochelle has taken control of the business, including all the wreath making and care for the farm. Along with her son, Tualatin resident Tim Foster, they manage the business throughout the year. Throughout the Christmas season, several friends and family members, including the grandchildren, work to make the farm run smoothly. For the past four years, Century Farm has held their annual rain-or-shine free Easter Egg Hunt where over 1500 eggs are filled with toys, coins and candies for local children to hunt. Some eggs are filled with slips of paper that say "prize". The children can then turn in the slips for larger toys or stuffed animals. Guests are also served an informal Easter lunch. Before you purchase your tree from an asphalt lot, or a supermarket, please think twice. Your business can help keep the farm alive and contributing to the local community.